Anti Ageing

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We are not all born with the ability temperate at 100%, while some of us can, there are those of us who just don’t have this ability. It has been reported by scientists that this is something that directly relates to our bodies healing responses and as we age the ability to operate at 100% diminishes greatly.

The reason behind this science is due to the number of redox signalling molecules in the body. Over time these molecules decline and our ability to heal is affected.

At this point is where we start to notice the differences.

  • Our appearance changes over time
  • We start to ‘feel our age’
  • Fighting off illness becomes much more arduous
  • Our bodies and minds tend to tire a lot easier
  • Fitness and stamina can reduce and out recovery times increase.

Our bodies produce anti-oxidants that act as powerful tools to protect our cells from damage.

There are many things that contribute to negative effects on our bodies such as bad diets, stress, exposure to pollutions and chemicals, aging and infection.

ASEA is able to increase the effectiveness and production of essential antioxidants up to 500% and in some cases beyond.